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BLOWFLY is the alter ego of legendary singer songwriter Clarence Reid. The inventor of the Miami soul sound, Reid has written massive hits for KC and The Sunshine Band, Gwen McRae (1975’s R&B #1 hit ‘Rocking Chair’), Betty Wright and Sam and Dave along with his own successful recordings, most notably the hit ‘Nobody But You Babe’. Yet it is Reid’s mysterious and shocking alter-ego, BLOWFLY, which continues to shock and entertain audiences with his insane brand of funky X-Rated parody albums and filthy originals. With a career spanning nearly 50 years and over 20 albums, Blowfly’s 1965 recording, ‘Rap Dirty’ is often referenced as the first rap song and Blowfly was the first rapper to have a record banned! His albums are legendary and have been acknowledged as highly influential within the rap community.

In tribute to his enduring legacy and perverted creativity, Cult Collectibles is proud to add BLOWFLY to its highly popular line of collectible figures. “When I started CULT COLLECTIBLES 2 years ago, a BLOWFLY figure was one of the first figures I ever discussed making and I am happy that now is the time to make it happen,” states owner Mark Jason Murray. “I’ve long been a fan of Reid and his BLOWFLY persona and I am proud to be paying tribute to him with this figure.”

BLOWFLY is decked out in his gold costume complete with mask and cape. Standing on the “BF” crest, BLOWFLY holds his microphone with one hand and gives you the ‘Blowfly finger’ with the other… all while delivering a wicked grin underneath his mask.

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SNOOP DOG GETS HIS OWN BLOWFLY "Weird Wobbler" bobblehead!

BLOWFLY “Weird Wobbler” bobblehead figure details:
-Limited edition of 500 individually numbered figures
-7 inches of lightweight polyresin
-Blowfly stands on a base modeled after his logo. One hand holds his microphone while the other gives you the ‘Blowfly finger’!
-Housed in a awesome full color retail box

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THE WEIRD WORLD OF BLOWFLY! The movie available on DVD/Blu-ray/Netflix/Hulu!


Not familiar with BLOWFLY? Peep this!


Before there was Kool Keith, Old Dirty Bastard or 2 Live Crew - before there was hip hop, for that matter - there was Blowfly, performing X-rated songs with a funky groove. Born 73 years ago in Vienna, Georgia, Miami's Clarence Reid has recorded more than 40 albums during his illustrious career. He got his nickname as a child when his grandmother, after hearing him sing dirty versions of then popular songs - like "Suck My Dick" for "Do The Twist" - proclaimed, "You is nastier than a blowfly."

In reality, there's a split personality involved in this man's music: there's Blowfly, the outrageously garbed creator of trash classics such as "Shittin' on the Dock of the Bay" and "Porno Freak," and then there's Clarence Reid, who recorded dozens of records and penned hits for the likes of K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Gwen McRae, Betty Wright, and Sam and Dave while inventing the famed "Miami Sound."

Many people cite Blowfly as being the first rapper with his 1965 self-pressed "Rap Dirty" record, which was re-recorded for disco giants T.K. Records after the smash success of Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight." Blowfly himself credits the "soul talking" Southern radio DJs of the '50s and '60s as the pioneers of rap, but he is without dispute the first rapper to have a song banned, after an Pineville, Louisiana record store was busted for peddling "Blowfly's Party" in 1981. Blowfly was also sued by the President of ASCAP for his "What a Difference a Lay Makes." (The music publishing honcho also happened to be the composer of the popular "What a Difference a Day Makes.")

Blowfly's sounds are a staple of modern-day hip hop. His music has been sampled by many rappers, including Beyonce ("Upgrade You"), The Game feat/ Drake (Good Girls Go Bad), The Jurassic 5, ("Quality Control") Ice Cube (What Can I do), DMX (We In Here), Method Man & Redman (Cereal Killers) Puff Daddy, and dozens more.

In 1991, Blowfly hooked up with Fishbone and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist/wild man Flea to record, "The Twisted World of Blowfly". The resulting relationship led to a series of shows with Flea and Fishbone at Club Lingerie in Hollywood, Ca and multiple "Nuttstalk" tours with Fishbone over the next decade.

In 2003, Blowfly was interviewed by Miami-based journalist/drummer Tom Bowker for a cover story in the Broward-Palm Beach New Times. When asked why he hadn't played a Miami-area gig in 20 years, Blowfly replied: "I don't have a band down here." Bowker answered: "Want one?" Two months later, Blowfly's new band played Bowker's bachelor party and never looked back.

In May 2005, Bowker and keyboard player Mr. Lock (ex-everything for the Otis Redding progeny funk combo, The Reddings), guitarist Forrest Gimp and a bassist by committee – hooked up with punk icon Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label and released Fahrenheit 69 -- Blowfly's first album dedicated to new, original material since 1988's Blowfly for President. Guest artists included: Afroman (of "Because I Got High" fame) Slug (MC for underground rap kings Atmosphere), and Bay Area electroclash freaks Gravy Train!!!! Fahrenheit 69 was hailed by the media as a filthy masterpiece, most notably by the LA Weekly, who sang Blowfly's praises in a year-end think piece, while lamenting that otherwise, 2005 was the year: "Hip Hop forgot its dick could fly."

After over thirty years of rapping nasty rhymes and transforming soul standards into hilarious sex jokes – 2006 found Blowfly with his freakiest and funniest record yet: Blowfly's Punk Rock Party! Blowfly and his leaner, meaner band of hardcore deviants took the world on a journey through Punk History – leaving a filthy trail no one can imitate. Punk standards by the Ramones ("I Wanna be Fellated"), Black Flag ("VD Party"), and the Clash ("Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho") are forever perverted by the Porno Freak-- joining tunes formerly by Turbonegro, Billy Idol, The Offspring, Devo, Antiseen and Rocket From The Crypt. Punk Rock Party guest Jello Biafra helps out by flinging mud on the Dead Kennedys grave with guest appearances on two renditions of "R. Kelly In Cambodia." 19 songs deep and 12 inches long – Blowfly's Punk Rock Party is an album that wet dreams were made for.

In February 2007, Blowfly made his first trip to Australia, and recorded "Blowfly: Live At The Platypussery, which was released in 2008 via Steel Cage records and Blowfly Music via German digital distributor Believe.

Live At The Platypussery touches on all stages of Blowfly's 40 + year career in dirty music, though the focus is heavily on Blowfly's Classic 70s funk, rap and soul Material on his own "Weird World" label. Classic Rap Tracks on the record include: "Rap Dirty," "The Incredible Fulk" and "Porno Freak." Blowfly's X-rated soul music parodies are numerous including: "Suck It Till You're Satisfied" and "Freddy's Dick is Dead."

In September 2007, Blowfly embarked on his first European tour in 20 years. Packed, ravenous audiences greeted Blowfly all over the continent including festival dates at the ZXZW in Holland and Spain's Funtastic Dracula Carnival. Major media coverage followed including a front page feature in Der Spiegel Online along with long segments on Arte TV's Tracks, and the number one rated show in Holland; De Werld Draait Door.

In 2008 Blowfly toured sold-out German Arenas with Die Artze, Germany's biggest Rock band. Blowfly also reunited with Norwood Fisher from Fishbone for the "69 years of Infamy" Tour w/ Antiseen.

In 2010, Blowfly went back down under to headline a stage at the "Big Day Out" - the world's largest touring festival. Other performers on the Big Day Out that year included: Lily Allen, Mastodon, Muse, Fear Factory, Dizzee Rascal, The Decemberists, Dead Prez and Girl Talk.

2010 also saw the world premiere of the "Weird World Of Blowfly" a documentary feature shot over the course of 2008 that tells the story of Blowfly's comeback via his relationship with drummer/manager "Uncle" Tom Bowker. The film premiered at the SXSW festival in march and played numerous film festivals in North America and Europe.

In 2011, The Weird World Of Blowfly was released by Variance films and had a short art house run in late September, before being released on DVD on November 15 of that year. Overseas screenings and distribution is still in progress. Check for details.

After an 18 month break, Blowfly/Clarence Reid and Uncle Tom restarted their relationship and bonded legally and creatively. The debuted their new look in New Orleans on February 3rd at Siberia w/ legendary guitarist Bill Davis (Dash Rip Rock), keyboardist, Pete "Wet Dog" Gordon (Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors), and bassist Brian Bruiser Broussard (Broussard's House of Surf).

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