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OCTOBER 24, 2016 - Catriona MacColl making a appearance at the upcoming Fabio Frizzi concert in London! DO NOT MISS THIS if you are anywhere near this event. Frizzi and his Frizzu 2 Fulci band put on a incredible performance and you also get the rare opportunity to meet with the lovely Catriona!

Catriona comments: "How thrilled I am to be participating finally with Fabio Frizzi after all these years. We met up this spring at a festival in France and it is as if we had never left off. In other words the Lucio bond is very much alive and we hadn't seen each other since, but it  is as if we had always seen each other. There is a really strong connection between us and it is wonderful. He is a really extraordinarily positive person as am I-rather unlike Lucio!-We are the light opposite the dark! And the fact that we are going to be together on stage to celebrate the Lucio phenomena is quite simply 'fantastic'."

Visit the website for tickets and info!

JANUARY 12, 2016 - Catriona comments on the recent passing of her friend and co-star Carlo De Mejo.

"Through my sadness at his passing I can still see the young man that he was when we did La Paura together. I particularly remember his sensitive eyes, his smile and his sense of fun. Alongside a certain sadness in his eyes, at the same time they twinkled, and I re-connected with this when I last saw him at a convention a few years ago in America. We were all older, quite a lot in fact, but the bond that linked us was still very present. We were part of a particular family, even though he had done many other things before and after and we'd survived in the business!

One of my favorite Fulci photographs from La Paura is of 'him and myself' in our respective roles in a sort of tunnel with rats and Carlo is holding a kind of spear supposedly to protect us! The atmosphere is very ominous of course but what I really remember is our laughter doing that scene! He had an irresistible sense of humor and with those eyes he was a charmer !  As lots of people have already said he was above all a 'really lovely person' who gave a lot and listened. He was also a real pro and got on with the job. The love he had for his dog really touched me being a great animal-lover myself. I was moved to meet his beautiful son Pier-Paolo and I wish him and other members of his family strength and courage to face the future without Carlo.

He is in peace now ........I send him my love through the clouds........."

FEBRUARY 18, 2015 - Catriona has sent some news.....

Catriona will be making appearances at some upcoming film festivals. First is SABADELL happening now in Spain. Catriona comments "They are giving me a tribute for my career and an honorary award which is so touching!! I'll be there from the 19th-22nd Feb."

From March 4th through the 8th Catriona will be at the FANTASPORTO festival in Porto, Portugal with Romain Bassett, director of HORSEHEAD (previously known as 'Fever') in support of the film's entry in the competition. "It is a very beautifully filmed piece and it is thought generally very well acted- possibly it is a little too sophisticated for certain people and not enough gore. I love it anyway as do alot of people but it probably isn't everyone's taste."

Catriona also comments: "I did a very small participation role, having been employed to coach the youngs leads which I greatly enjoyed, in the recent French horror short which is being edited right now that was shot in the local abandoned prison in Avignon-it is called 'Prison Ferme'.
Also played a part in the French short 'Juliet' in early Jan. directed by the Fulci fan and talented director Marc-Henri Boulier. Both these participations are a direct result of my collaboration with Fulci.

And here's a couple photos she sent along for her fans....

Catriona MacColl with French actor Alan Delabie who wrote, directed and performed in the French short MOURIR D'AIMER.

Marianne Anska and Catriona MacColl on the set of the French TV movie CALENDAR GIRLS (2002)

JANUARY 15, 2014 - Happy new year to everyone from Catriona MacColl!

Some bits of recent news from Catriona: FEVER, directed by Romain Bassett has finished shooting and is currently in the editing process.

CHIMERES, a Swiss vampire film featuring a supporting role by Catriona has been making its rounds on the festival circuit and picking up awards.

Continuing to do her stage work in France, Catriona appeared in 'Veronica's Room' by Ira Levin. "It's a very dark piece but it went down extremely well and even if people were a bit shocked by the play they said we did it excellently!! So it was worth all the hard work although we only did four performances and hope to do it again in other places."

JULY 6, 2013 - It's been a few months since the last update, but let's catch up on what Catriona has been doing since then.

Catriona was 'President of the Jury' for the 10th COURTMETRANGE festival in the North of France at the end of October 2012. She then was a guest of honor in November 2012 at the ABERTOIR genre film festival in North Wales where she presented Lucio Fulci's classic, THE BEYOND.

"Apart from that I have been performing the play 'Gaslight' by Patrick Hamilton- a Victorian thriller which we got together with my English performing arts group here in France known as 'What Larks'. In other words English-speaking theatre in France!! It went very well."

In other news, FEVER is seeking completion funds and hopefully will see a release before the end of 2013. Catriona may have another film project coming soon. Details to follow as they develop.

OCTOBER 3, 2012 - Happy Birthday Catriona! Here's a rare photo of Catriona MacColl!

JUNE 10, 2012 - Rue Morgue has posted some great on set coverage of Catriona's upcoming film FEVER. Take a look!

In the coming months, Catriona will be finishing up shooting in Switzerland for the currently untitled film by Olivier Beguin which was mentioned in the previous news update. She will also be working on a short film, has a 'small but nice' part in A LONG WAY FROM HOME, which shoots in June and July and is rehearsing a play titled 'What Larks'.

Here's a rare Japanese album release of the theme from LADY OSCAR starring Catriona MacColl! (Note: Catriona does not sing on the album)

APRIL 8, 2012 - THE THEATRE BIZARRE is currently available on VOD (Check your local cable supplier) and available for preorder on DVD now!

Here's a group shot from the HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY
30th Anniversary reuinion from March 2011!

Catriona MacColl has a special personal message to her fans: "I wish to thank all the MANY fans that have tried to contact me on facebook. I must explain that I can't possibly deal with all these messages, but I want to say how much I appreciate all of you. It is "YOU" that make Lucio's films live on through the generations- how proud he would be. I would love to contact you all individually but it is just not possible. I hopefully will have several cinema projects coming out in the next year- I am working on them at the moment- so we should have some opportunities to get together again at festivals or conventions. Thank you for your love and support. Catriona x"

These projects include FEVER, which shoots this month and full casting has been announced with the rock star/actor Murray Head as Catriona's companion.

Catriona has also been involved in another project, tentatively titles 'Pulsions', by Swiss director Olivier Beguin, who previously directed MacColl in the short "Employee of the Week". This will be his first feature film and should be wrapping production in the middle of 2012.

Catriona also commented on her visit to the Kurzfilmfestival in Landshut, Germany: "I have just come back from the short film festival in Landshut Germany where I gave the prize for the best short in the horror/fantasy genre- it went to a wonderfully simple and excellently done 6 min film called 'He dies in the end' by the young Irish director Damian McCarthy - a talent to watch."

Even more projects for Catriona are currently in development.

MARCH 12, 2012 - Unfortunately, Catriona will be unable to attend April's SHOCK STOCK convention in Canada due to a scheduling change of an upcoming film. She looks forward to future opportunities to meet with her fans and any future appearances will of course be posted here.

FEBRUARY 26, 2012 -THE THEATRE BIZARRE is now available for preorder! Follow the link for details!

Watch Catriona MacColl in LADY OSCAR!


FEBRUARY 8, 2012 - THE THEATRE BIZARRE has just finished it's successful limited theatrical release in the US. Catriona states that the film will now be playing in France as well.

"'Theatre Bizarre' is getting a cinema release (not a huge one but nevertheless) in April in France- very good news!"

Catriona will also be attending the Kurzfilmfestival in Landshut, Germany as part of the juy March 23-25.

FEVER, the upcoming feature film featuring Catriona will begin shooting in early April, with the lead role having been cast recently to Lily-Fleur Pointeau.

JANUARY 11, 2012 - Happy New Year from!

THE THEATRE BIZARRE is making it's rounds theatrically in the US starting at the end of January! Be sure and check it out if it is playing in your area!

Los Angeles, The Nuart: January 27 - February 3

New York, The Sunshine Cinema: Jan. 27 - Feb. 3-4

Denver, Esquire Cinema: Jan. 28 - Feb. 3-4

Seattle, Egyptian: Jan. 27 - 28

Dallas, Inwood: Jan. 27 - 28

Minneapolis, Lagoon: Feb. 3 - 4

Houston, River Oaks: Feb. 3 - 4

Washington, DC, E Street Cinema: Feb. 3-4, Feb. 10-11


Catriona's upcoming film project: FEVER is still seeking financial support. If you would like to be involved click here!

NOVEMBER 13, 2011 - Catriona MacColl will be attending the 'Extreme Festival' in Toulouse, France this week from Nov. 16-19 to present with Richard Stanley the THEATRE BIZARRE. Click here for info.

THE THEATRE BIZARRE continues to cause quite a stir internationally. To the left is a new and eye catching poster for the film which continues to receive praise:

"It’s a welcome return to the true roots of horror. It ain’t silly. Collectively, it’s an exploration of the darker side of the human psyche — and that’s where horror truly shines."

"It’s a great blend of bloody and beautiful and is probably one of the best anthologies that I’ve ever seen."

The film also won "Best FX" at the Rojo Sangre festival in Buenos Aires.

Variety is also reporting that the film has been picked up by W2 Media for theatrical distribution in January 2012 and will also release a sequel scheduled for January of 2013.


FEVER - Catriona begins a new project in January 2012, FEVER. Here's a look at the teaser poster and a rough synopsis:

Jessica has never dreamed in her life but has had regular nightmares which the meaning escaped her. This peculiarity has led her to conduct studies which specialized in psychophysiology of dreams and to follow a therapy with Sean, her mentor and boyfriend, to try and understand the origins of her nightmares.

Following the death of her maternal grandmother whom she scarcely knew, Jessica must return reluctantly to the family home. Upon her arrival, she discovers that her late grandmother is resting in the adjoining room to her own during the wake...

After a rough first night made restless by a strange nightmare in which she meets her dead grandmother, Jessica suddenly becomes ill. Stuck in her bed with a high fever, the young woman decides to use her lethargic state to experience lucid dreams and thus to try and take control of her nightmares. Henceforth, on the advice of Sean, Jessica needs to breathe a little bit of ether when a crisis arises to sink deeper into the other world.

Jessica will then begin to evolve in a nightmarish world and, gradually developing capabilities as a lucid dreamer, she will investigate to discover the evil that gnaws her and haunts the family house...

More news to come!

OCTOBER 12, 2011 - Welcome to the official website of actress Catriona MacColl! Take a look around and enjoy. This site will be updated periodically and hopefully expand in time. You are also encouraged to visit the Official Catriona MacColl facebook fan page for more frequent updates and interaction. Don't forget to also check out her official YouTube page for videos, film clips, trailers and more!

In recent news, Catriona appears as "The Mother of Toads" in Richard Stanley's segment of the horror anthology THE THEATRE BIZARRE. The film has not only begun to cause quite a stir at film festivals around the world, it is also garnering a seemingly endless string of praise. Two grown men even passed out during a screening in Germany!

Visit the film's facebook page for more info and updates. Here's the film's trailer:


Catriona also recently appeares in the short film EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH:


In other news: Catriona is set to appear in the upcoming horror film, FEVER, currently in preproduction.

Fans of Catriona had the pleasure of meeting her in October of 2010 for a CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD reunion at the Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey and in March of 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana for a HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY reunion. Extra special thank you to Mike Baronas of PAURA PRODUCTIONS for making these incredible reunions a reality!

A great time was had by Catriona, all the fellow cast members and the fans. While in Indianapolis, Catriona was reunited for the first time since the shooting of the film in 1980 with her then very young castmates from HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, Silvia Collatina and Giovanni Frezza. It was a heartwarming reunion full of laughter, fun and tearful goodbyes. More photos to be shared soon.

More to come!



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