Cult Collectibles is proud to present a series of legendary comedy / adult party albums from the 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s. These are the records that were stored under the counter in record stores and your parents hid from you. Raw, rude and raunchy, these records sold millions and are still as funny as ever!

"Not only do these albums work as comedy, they also provide a link into a vanished time. However the recordings were produced, they bring back the feel of being in a smoky, tackily decorated nightclub while comedians try every trick they know to get a laugh. And if some of the references or jokes are dated or somewhat offensive to today's audience, the laughs are still there. Influential, funny, and you can get a history lesson or two!"- Ink 19


The Clown Prince of Comedy, DYNAMITE has played up one side and down the other... through the middle and over the top of this country... sometimes partner to greats like Mantan Moreland.. but mostly a lone caped crusader.. fighting the battle for real self-expression.. using the street words for street stories.. the language of the everyday man in everyday funny and tight spots. He's a bear for barefoot, bare-assed brawling with man or woman... and he's awful awful and big in bed, as he'll gladly demonstrate himself! There's lots more goes on under that red cape than you could begin to imagine... and it's the handiest thing around for a quickie getaway when he has to leave his shoes and pants under another man's' bed. Just a swirl of that there cape around him... hat on his head and he's out the window like the beautiful romantic black Casanova of every sex-starved woman's dreams... as long as he don't trip and fall over his heavy equipment... he's DYNAMITE!!!

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Here us mere mortals stand wondering if black angels can have white wings while Skillet puts then on and flies hisself right up into that tree. Anything to help a friend. Down below, superhorny Leroy has a hot pants promotion cookin' with his sexy girlfriend Marie. She finds it hard to believe that what Leroy has for her is divine inspiration. The firm and hard resolve of that Goodly Soul Leroy, together with the help of a slippery tongue, quick wit and a kind of fallen angel in the tree slides us all in to the most hilarious, unholy, humorous happenings ever. Skillet & Leroy, the hottest, hairiest, funniest duo in the soul comedy world today have had hit after smash hit at the top of the record charts, four star ratings in Billboard and Record World.
Listen to the GOODLY SOUL as he pleads with his girlfriend... his voice, the voice of every man with a woman... for a piece of what he wants. And as every woman... ... she holds out that tempting morsel... offers it sweet or pickled... teases and tortures both of them with the tantalizing promise of its nearness and its warmth... The heat of sex, the riot of emotions, the laughter and pathos of everyman leaps and bounds in the frenzied fun of the scene. Wanting each other... wanting a reason bigger than herself.. she begs.. sighs and swoons, tears at her clothing... draws us to her... into her...  out and in again... to feel the raw emotion of wanting... needing... bursting finally into the fantastic release of humor and humanity that is the mark of Skillet and Leroy, Soul clowns and masters of comedy.

POTTS & PANZY (With Dollface) - That's My Wife!


If you dig crying at weddings, you'll have a ball drowning in your own tears of delight to the wildly beautiful soul comedy of POTTS AND PANZY. These two cats have been making soul music for years with Duke Ellington, Count Basie, the Dorsey Brothers and Cab Calloway on the Johnny Otis Show and many others.

The improbable wedding on the cover with 'preacher' LIVIN-GOOD reciting from the phone directory is typical of the lunacy in every moment of this laugh-loaded album. POTTS whips up the audience into a frenzy of catcalls and whistles while Little Arthur Mathews as 'Panzy' in drag, is the most alluring black mustachioed maiden ever made. DOLLFACE adds her magical charms to the act and the whole scene breaks up with the audience running riot.

THAT'S MY WIFE with Jimmy Potts and 'Panzy' moves faster than the ear can follow, leaving you weak and wet all over. The record company recommends diapers for the first few sittings and extreme caution thereafter. POTTS AND 'PANZY' is comin' at you, baby!

NORMA MILLER - Healthy, Sexless & Single

Norma Miller is wired! Her voice makes the snow melt on Mount Kilimanjaro in January. She's a three-time-loser on charges of noise pollution, indecent exposure and language. "All my life I was taught by Mama, that early to bed and early to rise would make a girl healthy, wealthy and wise. Well, that ain't done nothin' for me to but make me healthy, sexless and single!!! Just imagine a girl who is so funny that she makes you fergit to do it... or how to do it??? Things get a bit out of control when Norma gets loose.. like, at the session for the cover... the photographer threw that black cloth over his head... Norma threw that black cloth over her head.. the director threw the black cloth over his head... That there black cloth was really workin' and workin'  and well... we didn't get any pictures.....  but it was a hell of a shooting session. Norma is going to Vietnam to recuperate and entertain the boys. When she gets back, she's promised another recording and shooting session. The photographer is so excited he's still shootin'! That Norma Miller says and does the funniest, dirtiest things to a cat. Sexless, my foot!!

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WILDMAN STEVE - When You're Hot, You're Hot!

It's common knowledge that there are those who have the ability to make you hot under the collar - it is well understood that there are those who have the ability to make you hot under the cover - to enlighten you further, let me make mention of one who has the ability to make you HOT all over - meet WILD MAN STEVE.

The saucy-hot verbal antics of Wild Man's performances will provide 'instant warmth' - probably a guaranteed HOT - one way or the other. The male sex takes a "one way" view, while the female sex takes "the other." Men, being envious, get warm enough to want to go - a round two - Women , finding the Wild Man so appealing, get warm enough to want to go - a round or two - too. You do get the message, don't you???

CHA CHA HOGAN - Brother Eatmore and Sister Fullbosom

Cast your eyes to the sky, raise your voices on high and ignore the hand in your pocket (or whatever)… Brother Eatmore done took to preachin' and meddlin'. When he talk about sin, debauchery, lechery and the evils of drink' when he holler about pollution, retribution and prostitooshun; when he scream and tear his hair about the evils of gamblin', free livin' and orgies... he KNOWS whereof he speaks!! He done tried everything at least once, and he believes in lifetime education. So , if you got somethin' he ain't tried, bring it 'round, honey. You gonna get a bounce, a set of swinging sermons, rapid-fire jokes, jive and sexy-sinful stories from far out of Sunday school by the Black Foxx, Cha-Cha Hogan. Raise up, Sex! Raise up, Booze! Raise up your hands and shout and laugh and bust your buckles! Shout "Halleluyah!" for Brother Eatmore and Sister Fullbosom.. sing out "Try a little" so's you'll know what good clean sin can DO for a body!! Turning his color while turning your pockets inside out, Brother Eatmore and Sister Fullbossom will turn you on to the charms and chuckles of Cha-Cha Hogan, the Black Foxx. Here! A record that's sure to convert you into a believer.. of LAFF RECORDS.


Chester Calhoun and Society Red deliver the laughs!

Let Dr. Dickem get his cold groping hands on you just once, says Jester "Chester" Calhoun, let that sexy, silky, soulful, bedside voice just brush your ear... and you're addicted. He's your friendly credit doctor, pusher, podiatrist, abortionist, plumber and sadist.

In a riotously funny series of zany and dirty  schizophrenic tales, Chester Calhoun, ventriloquist and many-voiced madman, turns us on, handles and fondles, caresses and cups us in a ticklish torture of laughter. Take your clothes off... plug it in.. lie down and listen.
Is it in?... now ... closer ... mmmm ... Do it, do it, do it, Doctor Dickemmmm, BABY!!!!

TANGERINE - A Taste of Tangerine

Tangerines are juicier in bed, the lady says. Wanna Piece? Right on, baby! Right on! First thing is a little bit of fancy peeling... you and me and the fruit... baby! Then you take a little piece... just a section at a time... don't be greedy at the start... beautiful ….. beeeeooooootiful! Oh, you do that good! Lookit that sucker pucker... wow! "Gonna love a frootful time with you, daddy... you really can turn a Tangerine on. Almost as good as Slappy White or that old lecherous Redd Foxx." Them two dug Tangerine so mucj they built her act... put her on TV... splashed her in front of  few million people. Up till then Tangerine was carnival, stripper, dancer.. anything stage and theatre. Then one night Slappy put a mike in front of her and the comedienne was born. Tangerine! Raucous and funny, biting and tart... wicked and sexy … peeling and appealing.. that's her!

Small and juicy, nicely rounded, delicious, a lovely warm color... a sharp, acid taste that excited and titillates the senses... made up of many firm, round, succulent parts.. you bit it... it bites you.. that's Tangerine! Taste a little bit at a time... section by section and part by part.. or just tke a good healthy bite and let the juices run sharp and sweet over your lips and tongue... down your throat.. trickle down your chin.. while the acid aroma catches your breath with excitement. Just a taste of Tangerine!

She always says it's better in bed. That sweet acid flavor... that petal pointed tongue... flashing teeth and eyes! Hot orange passion fruit... come and get it!!! Tangerine is gusty and gutsy and gut-warming... kicking your lust or life around and rolling you over and over.... coming up happy... loving... laughing... and alive. Peel the wrapper, take a Tangerine to bed tonight... turn it on, listen and laugh with LAFF Records.. while you savor a TASTE OF TANGERINE!


Treed by a mad pussy, Jimmy Thompson spent a hectic night out on a limb with a passionate sex-crazed broad. With the lion down below waitin' to chomp on him, and this sex-kitty in his braches pullin', scratchin', moanin' and climbin' his body.. what could a guy do? Man, if you think it's hard on the ground... it's harder in a tree! But baby, this chick, the harder it was the more she dug it! Seven times Jimmy was ready to go down to the Cat. But this here sex-kitty clamped on him so hard he turned blue! Never did make it to the ground! That there tree swayin' and leanin'… the cat jumpin' at 'em and roarin' for some soul food... while up therein them boughs it was like a hurricane. Jimmy fought as hard as he could but she chewed him over and over in her fear and frenzy, till, come morning Jimmy was ready for the Cat. Come to a choice between bein' devoured by that man-eating-passion-pussy in the tree and the man-eating lion beneath it, Jimmy was ready to fight it out, tooth and nail with the lion lyin' low! WHAT A NIGHT!

MANTAN MORELAND - A Tribute to the Man(Tan)

Mantan was a pioneer as an entertainer - comedian - actor. A migrant, stepping into a previously all white medium. His courage and persistence carried him across many barriers and opened many closed doors. Doors for a multitude of talented Blacks to enter.

On this album, Mantan gives you such explicit instructions on seduction (through not the clinical approach your family physician may advise) that you're apt to find yourself thinking of adapting his technique - or at least attempting it!

A TRIBUTE TO THE MAN(TAN) also supplies you with a new prospective on understanding the English language. When Mantan and his buddy Livingood become involved in an 'elementary conversation' we suggest you listen closely, their coordinated, precise timing verbally, might just slip by you, even in its simplicity. Never-the-less 'rap sessions' between Mantan and Livingood are guaranteed to leave tummies bouncing with chuckle after chuckle.


It's high noon at a yet-to-be-named town in Arizona, inhabited by the most bad-ass cowboys of all times. This town was so segregated, they divided it right up the middle of the main street. The blacks strayed on one side and the whites stayed on the white side.

Sonny Hatchett describes in detail how the name of the town became established after a shootout between two of the town's meanest hombres. I'll be you didn't know that the name "Yuma" is only a half finished phrase which ol' "Dead-Eye" uttered to his opponent after losing the showdown. "Yu-ma...." was all he said.  Had he finished the entire phrase, we  believe Yuma, Arizona would have been called something else a little less obscene.

Sonny Hatchett, the sought after comedian runs from club to club, coast to coast. Ah, but he didn't escape the great laugh butterfly net, which we often employ when we find a rare variety of talent fluttering around on the loose.

So let loose yourself and listen carefully to "How Yuma got its name" and other tales of the "wild west".... the "wild east"... North and South, because it's a wild album in any direction!

JIM CATO - Cavair and Chitlins

Supercool Superfast Taste Tested Funny Farm Escape Stories.

The law of opposites is meat and potatoes to Jim Cato. It's love and hate, tears and laughter, black and white and Caviar and Chit'lins. In his humorous philosophy it's opposites that make the world go round. Cool and quiet, he sneaks up on your funny bone, tickles your intellect, and slides into bed with your mistress to tickle her fancy. His face is all innocence, his eyes bright, clear and honest as he delivers the underhanded lie that blows your mind and slips the barb of humor deftly under your rib. All with never a flinch of those window shade eyes, or a twitch of the expansive Jerry Colonna moustache. Only at the ensuing laugh explosion from the audience will he occasionally raise an eyebrow.

Redd Foxx, probably the world's greatest comic, put Jim to work at his first job in Hollywood. Slappy White gave him his start in show business and has seen him through the times of Chit'lins to the Caviar of today. Rosey Grier Introduced Cat on his television show. The Hollywood Playboy Club, the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles, Sand Diego to New York City, and his native Detroit have been variously convulsed with laughter by this master mirth maker. Whether at a banquet for beauticians or a dinner show for undertakers, convention program chairman always seek the comedy services of Jim Cato.

Bill Lane, Nationally syndicated columnist tells this story:  "There was the time Cato went to a ball game. He was a guest of a newspaper sportswriter, Brad Pye, Jr., in the press box at Anaheim Stadium, the home park of the California Angels. The press box is located right next to the private box of Angels owner Gene Autry, who, as a matter of note, is a good friend of Jim Cato. Suddenly and somehow, the voice of the stadium announcer boomed over the loudspeakers that Angels owner Autry was at the game.  Floodlights quickly swept on the owner's box seat, splashing over the press box. No Autry. But there was Jim Cato, wearing a ten-gallon Stetson hat, an apparel trademark of Gene Autry. As the crowded stadium shook with applause, Jim Cato stood up, doffed his Stetson, and bowed, getting the laugh as always."


It's Super Spook! Faster than a organic erosion! More powerful than a climactic explosion. It's none other than DYNAMITE at his sexiest!

Explore with Super Spook the lengths and depths of historic laughter. Bask in the company of DYNAMITE MERCER, known as "Super Spook". Mic in hand, Dynamite romps from the "prophecies" of old to today's pimps, hustlers, prostitutes, players and gamblers, from summer breeze to cold icy seas, bringing insight - outasight...

This is a fun filled recording that confronts you with the challenge of understanding the comical side of "what's happening" in real life today.

Allow "Super Spook" to be your passport to hilarious adventure. The Red-Cloaked Hero strikes again and again with laugh after laugh. Lend an ear to the DYNAMITE explosion! Recorded live at The Imperial West in Los Angeles.

SKILLET & LEROY - The Okra Eaters

You've seen them on Redd Foxx's Sanford and Son and in Rudy Ray Moore's film Petey Wheatstraw and heard them sampled by 2 Live Crew. Now hear what these nasty Soul clowns can do!!

The Soul Clown are funny even when they're not trying to be funny, (which is almost never anyway). They are the loveable, legends of laughter with a natural knack for making people happy with their frolicking, x rated situations. 15 years together makes them the oldest, surviving comedy team around.... and with as much experience as they have, you can be sure they are masters of their art. THE OKRA EATERS is guaranteed to tickle you pink!



"Calling all Freaks!" That's all she had to say and suddenly they were loping across landscapes, hopping hedges, crawling out of drainpipes and parachuting down from treetops. Sometimes known as "Auntie Tina" (Have you ever had a Aunt like Tina?)… A gentle lady with a place in her... heart... reserved especially for freaks!!! So if you have a quirk, even a little-bitty quirk - like a twitchy eyelid or an ingrown toenail, you qualify for Tina's love. In other words she loves you all!

"Calling all Freaks!" was recorded before one of those live, hootin' and hollerin' audiences resulting in a lot of disorderly conduct, and property damage! (Look what we went through to get this album out to you (whew!)

This is a "bun-warmer" like all the LAFF albums. So Sit your little bun down and have a laugh!



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Originally released in 1977. Recorded live and available for the first time on CD and digital download! 40 minutes of insane funky comedy!

Jimmy Lynch commands the stage as he tells the craziest jokes and the boldest lies! He’s “The Funky Tramp”…. He’s “Mr. Motion” and he’s guaranteed to cause a commotion!

Call up your friends! Pour some drinks! Sit back and let Jimmy Lynch tell you what he thinks! Be prepared for a rough morning after.. You’ll have a hangover from all the laughter!

Notes: You've seen Lynch co-starring in the legendary films of Rudy Ray Moore: DOLEMITE, THE HUMAN TORNADO, PETEY WHEATSTRAW: THE DEVIL'S SON-IN-LAW, DISCO GODFATHER and DOLEMITE EXPLOSION!

Check out these reviews of the CD:

"(Jimmy Lynch) is a hilarious, multi-talented performer. I laughed out loud many times and recommend this disc to anyone looking to snicker and guffaw their way through 2/3 of an hour. Grade: B" - The Trades

"Lynch knows how to cut to the chase and cut to the quick quickly for some wild, raucous humor that whitey probably never knew existed and black folk of a certain age will laugh at nostalgically. It's comedy and it's a history lesson at the same time." - Midwest Record

"Lynch is ultra crude and offensive...and he has a totally goddamn filthy mouth. This is some FUNNY shit...and it's also a great reminder of how so many people have lost their sense of humor over the past couple of decades. Funny damn stuff that goes by lightning fast. If you're looking for chuckles you'll find plenty of 'em here... Way cool funny stuff from a very funny man. Top pick." - Baby Sue

"I felt as though I’d entered a forbidden world. It’s beyond edgy and very funny. The comedy form is joke telling rather than observational humor, but it’s deftly handled joke-telling by the multi-talented Lynch, who also opens the show with a funky song." - Corazine

"This stuff is hilarious if you can get past the frankness and profanity." - O's Place Jazz Magazine

"A lot of the material here has aged very nicely and is still very funny. Nigger Please is a must for any serious stand-up collection." - The Serious Comedy Site

"The truth is, Lynch is one of my favorite recorded comics, really strong stuff!" - Roctober


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One of the greatest comedians of all time! Get ready to laugh urass off as Redd Foxx entertains as only he can!  Including some of Foxx’s greatest jokes, “I Ain’t Lied Yet!” will have you in stitches and busting out of your britches!

Available once again on CD! Redd Foxx is one of the world's greatest and most well known comedians!

Check out these reviews of the CD:

"I Ain't Lied Yet! presents Redd doing what he did best...telling stories that made folks crack up. This man was a real pro. Foxx's legend lives on thanks to releases like this.... from the fine folks at Cult Collectibles...the label that's bringing cool vintage black humor back into focus..." - Baby Sue

"Redd Foxx has an incredible stage presence and his ability to tell jokes – it is a talent – and his fearless voyage into vulgar territory make for a helluva good time." - Corazine

"Hitting it rapid fire, Foxx was a laugh riot!" - Midwest Record

"This one has nineteen of the best from Foxx and it is indeed one that will have you laughing!" - O's Place Jazz Magazine

"I Ain't Lied Yet presents Foxx as a one-liner king with a sophisticated sense of wordplay." - Ink 19

"Foxx is the all time greatest, and this record proves that even at his middle-est he was at his best!" - Roctober

PRICE: $7.95 (North America) / $16.95 (Rest of the World) - (You will be notified via email when your order has shipped - Delivery confirmation included on orders within the United States)

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(Featuring LaWanda Page)


Skillet & Leroy.... the fabulous ‘Soul Clowns’... deliver a crazy concoction of wild and wooly skits and bits..... that will bring you to your knees with laughter! With LaWanda Page joining in.... you won’t believe the kind of trouble this trio can get in! So let the jokes and mayhem ensue... but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Notes: Skillet, Leroy and LaWanda Page were all co-stars on the enormously popular Redd Foxx sitcom SANFORD & SON! Skillet and Leroy also co-starred with Rudy Ray Moore in the classic blaxploitation film PETEY WHEATSTRAW: THE DEVIL’S SON IN LAW.

Samples from this album were used by 2 LIVE CREW in the song, ‘Move Somethin’’ from their 1988 album of ‘Move Somethin’’.

Check out these reviews of the CD:

"Forget political correctness...this stuff was written and recorded before that trite hypocritical term was ever coined. Listening to this, it makes you wish you could go back in time and witness this in person. The audience howls when these folks deliver the punch lines. Funny, funny stuff that's completely timeless. Gotta love this one... Top pick." - Baby Sue

"When the comedy hits, on bits like "The Monkey and the Yo-Yo," which gets points for being dirty and surreal, it hits hard!" - Ink 19

"Ernest "Skillet" Mayhand and Leroy "Sloppy" Daniels were a pair of the funniest comedians on the Black comedy circuit during the 1960s!" - O's Place Ja"zz Magazine.

"Another look at a form of ethnic humor that really hit's the target when laughs like this were restricted to after hours." - Midwest Record

PRICE: $7.95 (North America) / $16.95 (Rest of the World) - (You will be notified via email when your order has shipped - Delivery confirmation included on orders within the United States)



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Never fear cuz Mantan Moreland is here! You won’t believe the crazy stories that come out of his mouth… after he’s paid a visit to Elsie’s Sportin’ House!

Raunchy, out of control and completely outrageous… What Mantan’s dishing out is surely contagious!  It’s a journey into a world of sex and sin… If you think you can take it… then come on in!

Mantan Moreland! You’ve seen him in the CHARLIE CHAN films and many more. Now he’ll make you laugh until your sides are sore!

Notes: Mantan Moreland is a legendary actor of over 100 films including the CHARLIE CHAN series and the classic SPIDER BABY. Moreland’s comedy bits have been sampled by The Beastie Boys and 2 Live Crew.

Check out these reviews of the CD:

"it is crazy foul mouthed and dirty!" - Roctober

"this stuff is as historically significant as Lord Buckley or Lenny Bruce.  And if you pay attention, it’s pretty damn funny as well." - Midwest Record

PRICE: $7.95 (North America) / $16.95 (Rest of the World) - (You will be notified via email when your order has shipped - Delivery confirmation included on orders within the United States)

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(Featuring LaWanda Page)

Skillet and Leroy are at it again with another sensational album of comedic sex and sin!

With LaWanda Page stopping by… you can be sure that the clothes and jokes will fly!

If you need a laugh and you need it quick… BIG DEAD DICK will surely do the trick!

BONUS!!!! CD includes a special BONUS comedy album 'Not Guilty' by BABY SEAL giving you over 75 minutes of laughter! (BABY SEAL - Not Guilty also available as a seperate digital download, see below)

Notes: Skillet, Leroy and LaWanda Page were all co-stars on the enormously popular Redd Foxx sitcom SANFORD & SON! Skillet and Leroy also co-starred with Rudy Ray Moore in the classic blaxploitation film PETEY WHEATSTRAW: THE DEVIL’S SON IN LAW.

Check out these reviews of the CD:

"Introduce yourselves to two fast talking, filth-mouthed, crowd-pleasing, dirty joke masters who command the stage with their tales of rabbits, monkeys, sheep, midgets, sissies, pussies, and anything else these self-proclaimed Soul Clowns can work into a joke. And if you only know LaWanda Page from her Sanford and Son appearances, brace yourself...Aunt Esther is the Dalai Lama compared to party record LaWanda!" - Roctober

PRICE: $7.95 (North America) / $16.95 (Rest of the World) - (You will be notified via email when your order has shipped - Delivery confirmation included on orders within the United States)


(Available as a bonus on the SKILLET & LEROY - BIG DEAD DICK CD!)

19 tracks of hilarity from "The Duke of Comedy", Baby Seal. Recorded live at the Electric Lady Recording Studio in New York City and available for the first time since it's original release in 1975!

Baby Seal might be off the hook but you'll be guilty of laughter in the first degree!

Digital Downloads available everywhere:

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Pray to Booty Green and all your dreams will come true! He’s arrived bearing gifts of jokes and laughter just for you!  With questionable intentions and a wicked grin on his face…. He sure knows how to turn out a place! Booty Green will have you laughing so hard it should be a sin… and the laughs will come again and again!

BONUS!!!! CD includes a special BONUS comedy album ‘Battle of the Sexes – Live’ by SONNY AND PEPPER giving you 75 minutes of laughter! (SONNY & PEPPER - Battle of the Sexes, also available as a seperate digital download)

Check out these reviews of the CD:

"This disc, featuring two raucous albums, is the best in the Old School Comedy Classics party records reissue series so far. Though far more obscure than the other artists in the series, both of these acts truly capture the energy, historical weight and wildness of a live 70s black comedy show, documenting jokes and routines that harken bark to 19th Century minstrel stages (especially in the case of S&P's back and forth banter) and exploring freedoms to unleash profanity that were still fresh in the Me decade. Green's jokes are loud, bold, and ridiculous, utilizing stereotypes so broad and bizarre even he doesn't know what to make of them (his attempt to sound Chinese is genuinely confounding). He also does an epic toast called "Last of the Great Fucking Machines" that's worth the price of the album. The comparatively clean Sonny and Pepper deliver a thrilling live performance, breaking into blues songs, preacher cadence, and more spousal insults than a month of Lockhorns. It really feels like you are in the audience, and the howls surrounding you seem sincere! Super highly recommended!" - Roctober

PRICE: $7.95 (North America) / $16.95 (Rest of the World) - (You will be notified via email when your order has shipped - Delivery confirmation included on orders within the United States)


(Available as a bonus on the BOOTY GREEN - PRAY TO BOOTY CD!)

SONNY AND PEPPER bring the bedroom to the stage and us, the audience, into the bed… in an orgy of frenetic fun! Come as you are.. but come!


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