FEBRUARY 20, 2011 - It’s been incredibly busy here at CULT COLLECTIBLES. The Geretta Geretta DEMON DOLL was unleashed last month and fans are really loving this incredible piece!!! If you haven’t yet ordered… get on it! Cult Collectibles recently visited Geretta Geretta, who signed boxes for those who pre-ordered the special “Signature Edition” and took some photos with her figure. She was very happy to have her “Weird Wobbler” in hand and sends her thanks to all those who have ordered and supported her and the figure.

A "making of" video has been completed covering the creation of this awesome collectible!

The DEMON DOLL was featured in the latest issue of Horrorhound Magazine!

2011 is going to be a great year for fans of DEMONS! This Spring's CHILLER THEATRE convention is hosting a DEMONS reunion organized by Paura Productions. Cult Collectibles will be there working with these great guests, promoting and having a lot of fun. Here's your chance to meet the "Demon Doll" and other members of the cast and crew in person!

Also, members of the cast and crew will be appearing in May at Weekend of Horrors and Cult Collectibles will be there as well.

Lucio Fulci fans are in for a great year as well. Full details and pre-orders will be available for THE BEYOND "Weird Wobbler" bobblehead on March 5! This is truly one of the coolest collectible figures ever made! Work has already begun on the CAT IN THE BRAIN figure of Fulci himself and it's already looking great even in it's earliest stages and I hope to be able to announce it fully in June.

Cult Collectibles will be working alongside the guests for the 30th anniversary reunion of Lucio Fulci's classic, HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY at the upcoming Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis! Once again, we have Mike Baronas and Paura Productions to thank for this incredible opportunity to meet the cast of this amazing film!

More news coming on March 5!

JANUARY 12, 2011
- The DEMON DOLL is here!!!! For those of you who ordered the regular edition, look for yours to arrive shortly. There is still time to get the special "signature edition" as well... those orders will be shipping in the middle of February. I'm giving everyone who orders through January 31 the chance to get the free exclusive trading card with the figure. If you haven't ordered yet.. you need your head examined!

1,100 pounds of DEMON DOLLS!

COMING SOON!! The "making of" video for the DEMON DOLL!

Haven't ordered from CULT COLLECTIBLES yet? Well, now you can save on shipping when you order in stock items together!

JANUARY 8, 2011 - The Geretta Geretta DEMON DOLL will be in stock and shipping in just a week. Be sure and order now to receive the free exclusive trading card! I am very excited for you all to have this awesome figure in your collections!

Can't wait for the upcoming DOLEMITE "Weird Wobbler"? You can show your love for Rudy Ray Moore by getting one of these official t-shirts!!!!

JANUARY 3, 2011- Cult Collectibles is gearing up to attack the coming year with full force! I've spent the last couple days doing updates to just about every page on this site so click around and take a look.

I've been hinting about a new figure announcement.... and here it is! RUDY RAY MOORE IS DOLEMITE!!!! Coming in early 2012! I am extremely excited about this one and keep watching the site for more info.

JANUARY 2, 2011 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Geretta Geretta DEMON DOLL is coming to rip your flesh from the bone this month! Get your orders in now to receive the exclusive trading card! Also, Geretta Geretta has been kind enough to extend the offer for the special "signature edition" through January 31, 2011! Don't miss the opportunity to have this incredible collectible singed by the "Demon Doll" herself!!!

I have recently updated the FAQ page, giving you more information on how things operate here.

Don't forget the BLACK DEVIL DOLL "Weird Wobbler" is in stock and ready to terrorize your home!!

DECEMBER 25, 2010
- Happy Holidays! I want to say "thank you" to everyone that has been so supportive of Cult Collectibles! It really means a great deal to me. There's a lot of awesome stuff coming in 2011 and I am extremely excited about it all.

THE BEYOND will likely be the figure Cult Collectibles is eternally "famous" for. The design of this is incredible and something no other bobblehead figure has EVER done and I am doing every possible thing I can to make this absolutely over the top! With the extreme attention to detail and design, I am taking my time to make sure that everything is the absolute best that it can be. Details will be posted when available (although I am keeping full details a secret until it's official announcement) and there's discussion of a magazine article in regards to it's creation as well.

Following THE BEYOND will be director LUCIO FULCI! Considering I have long worked to champion the films of Fulci, it is an honor to be able to create this figure in tribute to him! Design ideas are being worked on currently with a release around mid-2011.

If that isn't enough for you, I will soon be announcing my 5th figure, scheduled to be out in the 3rd quarter of the year and there's yet another deal in the works for tentative release at the end of 2011! I've outlined a massive promotional / advertising campaign for 2011 as well so you all will hopefully be seeing Cult Collectibles EVERYWHERE!

If you still haven't pre-ordered the DEMON DOLL get on it! Take a look at the amazing detail in these extreme close-ups! (Click images for more photos)

NOVEMBER 7, 2010 - DEMON DOLL PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE NOW! Full details and pre-orders are now available for the Geretta Geretta DEMON DOLL "Weird Wobbler" figure! Order it now and don't forget, all pre-orders will receive a FREE trading card! A special "Signature Edition" is also available for a very limited time!

THE ADVENTURES OF THE BLACK DEVIL DOLL "WEIRD WOBBLER" - The BLACK DEVIL DOLL visited the Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey for Halloween. Besides being forcibly removed from the hotel at the end of the weekend, he did get a chance to spend some time with many friends and fans along with the cast of Lucio Fulci's CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD and legendary Italian actress, Daria Nicolodi. Check out the photos here!

If for some odd reason you still don't own the BLACK DEVIL DOLL "Weird Wobbler"... maybe this will convince you.....

OCTOBER 3, 2010 - Our very own DEMON DOLL, Geretta Geretta, will be appearing at the Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles, CA. October 15-17. Stop by and say hello and be sure to visit our dear friend, Barbara Magnolfi (SUSPIRIA, CUT & RUN) appearing there as well. PLUS: visit the cast and crew of BLACK DEVIL DOLL who will be at the Rotten Cotton table!

CHILLER THEATRE!!! - Cult Collectibles will be at the Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey, October 29-31! Stop by, say hello and pick up a BLACK DEVIL DOLL "Weird Wobbler" in the "Italian Invasion 3" room, which is where I will be posted all 3 days working with my "brother" Mike Baronas of Paura Productions and the CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD 30th anniversary reunion guests. No fan of Lucio Fulci can afford to miss this. Talk about a once in a lifetime event!!!

GERETTA GERETTA DEMON DOLL!! - Full details, images and preorder info will be posted soon on the Geretta Geretta DEMON DOLL "Weird Wobbler" bobblehead figure... but damnit.. I am so anxious to let you all see something... so here's just a taste... (remember: the figure is not finalized.., but even this looks totally badass!!)

SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 - The BLACK DEVIL DOLL "Weird Wobbler" has been deemed "too edgy" for retail distribution according to Diamond Comic Distributors! This just provides more proof that this is the most asskickin' bobblehead ever released! ORDER IT NOW!

Everyone is really praising the BLACK DEVIL DOLL and has been sending in photos of their figures! Check out the Cult Collectibles facebook page to join in on the fun!

Be sure and check out our ads in the current issues of Rue Morgue and HorrorHound magazines! Also check out this great coverage of the BLACK DEVIL DOLL in HorrorHound:

SEPTEMBER 6, 2010 - The BLACK DEVIL DOLL "Weird Wobbler" bobblehead figure is in stock and ready to ship. All preorders were shipped on 9/1! Anyone who hasn't ordered can still get the free trading card through 9/15 so ORDER NOW!

Here's CULT COLLECTIBLES owner, Mark Jason Murray, opening the first box!

Here's Mark Jason Murray of Cult Collectibles with Shawn Lewis, producer and co-writer of BLACK DEVIL DOLL checking out the new "Weird Wobbler"!

Keep an eye out for details on the Geretta Geretta DEMON DOLL and Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND figures in the next few weeks! Both of these will be amazing...

AUGUST 11, 2010 - There's quite a bit going on here! First, here's a "Making of" video covering the founding of CULT COLLECTIBLES and the creation of the BLACK DEVIL DOLL "Weird Wobbler" from concept to completed product. Check it out:

The BLACK DEVIL DOLL "Weird Wobbler" is currently making its way across the Pacific Ocean to the US and will be shipping next month so ORDER NOW!

The offer for the limited BLACK DEVIL DOLL trading card expires on September 15, 2010 so don't be one of the few without this super cool free bonus!

The BLACK DEVIL DOLL himself has recently completed a couple of online interviews that you can check out at and If you have no sense of humor and are easily offended... don't bother clicking the links!

Look for ads for the BLACK DEVIL DOLL bobblehead in upcoming issues of Rue Morgue, HorrorHound (with coverage as well) and Ultra Violent. I am working hard to get the word out so please tell your friends!

DEMON DOLL NEWS: The 2nd round of mold revisions are just about done and hopefully that puts the figure closer to the start of the painting process. Fans are going to love this one as well! I am hoping to have everything ready to start manufacturing in the middle of September and once again, the box art will be done by Stephen Romano so you can expect some amazing packaging. Once all of this gets taken care of, I will make the official announcement and begin to take preorders (including a free trading card) with the figure shipping in December.... just in time for you to get one for yourself and your fellow horror fans for Christmas!

THE BEYOND NEWS: This is going to be a very exciting figure! The body of the figure has started the preproduction process and I'll have my first look at it's progress by the beginning of September. The creation of the head is a challenge and will take some extra time and work as I am trying to accomplish not one... but two things that have NEVER been done with a bobblehead, or any kind of figure that I can recall. This figure will simply blow your mind (pun intended) and will definitely be a must for fans of the film and director Lucio Fulci. Once again, a free trading card will be included with pre-orders of this figure and it is scheduled to be released mid-March 2011. With only 1,000 of these being made, I anticipate this to sell out very quickly.

And if all of that wasn't enough for you... the LUCIO FULCI figure will be coming in 2011 and I am also hard at work getting more figures lined up for next year!

JULY 24, 2010 - Still not convinced you need to order the BLACK DEVIL DOLL? Take a look at the amazing detail in these extreme close-ups! (Click image for more photos)

JULY 14, 2010 - If you haven't pre-ordered your BLACK DEVIL DOLL "Weird Wobbler" what the hell are you waiting for? This could very well be the coolest collectible of the year! You will definitely be cooler for owning one that is for sure!!!

Click here for a look at the incredible packaging and more!!!

DEMON DOLL! I just received the first prototype images for the Geretta Geretta DEMON DOLL and this one is gonna be killer too!! There are some design revisions still being made to get the figure just right, down to the smallest detail so keep your eyes peeled for updates coming soon!

Be sure and tell your friends and join our facebook, MySpace and twitter pages! Do it now!

JULY 3, 2010 - BLACK DEVIL DOLL PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE NOW! Full details and pre-orders are now available for the BLACK DEVIL DOLL figure! Order it now and don't forget, all pre-orders will receive a FREE trading card!

JUNE 27, 2010 - I am almost ready to fully announce the BLACK DEVIL DOLL figure and begin taking preorders. The final painting revisions on the prototype are being done, the INCREDIBLE box art has been completed by Stephen Romano (and will blow your mind!) as well as the trading card and all of which will be revealed shortly.

Geretta's DEMON DOLL figure has begun the preproduction process and hopefully if the design goes smoothly I will be able to make the full announcement for preorders within a couple months.

If those weren't cool enough for you, I am incredibly excited to announce 2 more upcoming figures, both in association with GRINDHOUSE RELEASING. First will be a figure from Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND followed by Fulci himself from his film CAT IN THE BRAIN. It pleases me to no end to be able to pay tribute to Fulci and his work through my products and it's really a dream come true. More details will be available in the coming months with estimated releases at the end of the year / beginning of 2011.

JUNE 9, 2010 - Just received the first painted images of the BLACK DEVIL DOLL "Weird Wobbler" prototype and it looks AMAZING! There are a couple revisions to be made to make it the best it can be and if these go smoothly, final images will be unveiled before the end of the month and preorders will start to be accepted. I am also excited to announce that the full color box artwork will be done by BLACK DEVIL DOLL poster and novelization cover artist, Stephen Romano! If you want news as it happens be sure and join our facebook, MySpace and twitter pages!

Meet our upcoming "Demon Doll" IN PERSON! Geretta Geretta star of Lamberto Bava's DEMONS will be at the Florida Supercon in Miami, Fl. 6/18-6/20 signing all your items, taking pictures with you and passing out flyers for her upcoming "weird wobbler" bobblehead. She's wonderful so make sure you stop by and say hello!

MAY 19, 2010
- There’s a great deal of things going on here at CULT COLLECTIBLES. Please be patient for a few more days as we get our website and social networking pages situated.

A wonderful time was had at last month’s CHILLER THEATRE convention in New Jersey where we spent time with great friends new and old and stuck flyers in as many hands as we could to let everyone know that we exist. Our hope is to make other convention appearances in the future with figures in hand.

BLACK DEVIL DOLL – Our third round of revisions to the pre-production mold of this figure are being completed now.  If these changes meet our requirements and high standards, the next phase is the painting process. Once that is completed and approved we will have images of the figure available and the manufacturing process will begin. At this point we will post preorder details (estimated to be around mid-June) with the figure scheduled to be available approx. mid August. Trust us when we say this figure is going to be amazing! We are very excited about unleashing our first figure and can’t wait to show you all!

Here are the details of the BLACK DEVIL DOLL figure: Hand numbered limited edition of 1,000 pieces, personally approved by Mubia Abul-Jama, (THE BLACK DEVIL DOLL HIMSELF!), 7” tall figure made of lightweight polyresin housed in a full color retail box. No expense or detail has been spared on this figure and we hope you will be as proud to own it as we are to produce it.

SPECIAL FREE BONUS FOR WEBSITE PREORDERS ONLY!!! An exclusive BLACK DEVIL DOLL trading card, produced specifically for this figure will be included with all website preorders! You will ONLY be able to get this special addition directly from us as a preorder item and it will not be available once the item is officially in stock.

So keep your eyes peeled here for more exciting news over the next couple of weeks and be sure and head over to the ROTTEN COTTON table at the WEEKEND OF HORRORS this weekend  (Los Angeles, CA., 5/21-5/23) to say hello to the cast and crew of BLACK DEVIL DOLL!

CULT COLLECTIBLES is proud to announce it’s second “Weird Wobbler”: The Official Geretta-Geretta "Demon Doll" Bobble head style figure coming (approx.) December 2010 - limited to 1000 hand numbered units with special trading card available only for website preorders!!! Geretta has appeared in such legendary Eurocult films as Fulci's MURDEROCK, Bruno Mattie's RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR, SHOCKING DARK, WARRIORS OF THE WASTELAND and Lamberto Bava's DEMONS. Figure design is still being determined with the pre-manufacturing process to start at the end of June, 2010. We can already guarantee that this will be another amazing figure and one that fans will enjoy. An official press release and more information will be available soon.

If you are in Los Angeles, CA. this weekend (5/21-5/23) for the WEEKEND OF HORRORS, Geretta-Geretta will be signing autographs and meeting fans along with the beautiful Barbara Magnolfi (SUSPIRIA) and legendary director Dario Argento. Stop by and say “Hello” to them all.

APRIL 10, 2010
- Cult Collectibles is excited to announce our first licensing deal with Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment to produce the official BLACK DEVIL DOLL weird wobbler! This exclusive hand numbered limited edition of 1,000 units will be housed in a full color retail box and is anticipated to sell out quickly. Full details, photos and preorder info will be provided soon as well as a full press release and media blitz. If you haven't seen BLACK DEVIL DOLL yet, you should be ashamed of yourself!

APRIL 5, 2010 - Our website goes live! Please pardon the dust while we put things together here. We will be at the CHILLER THEATRE convention in Parsippany, NJ. April 16-18 and will be passing out flyers promoting our upcoming BLACK DEVIL DOLL figure along with our duties helping out with the "Italian Invasion 2" guests. It should be a great time and we look forward to meeting new people and spending time with some old friends.

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